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Innovative Fitness Business Workflow

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Innovative Fitness has been delivering premium personal training since 1995. While their business has been growing to over 12 current locations across North America, their processes have not been able to keep up with this rapid expansion. With each studio using multiple third party integrations to manage their internal operations, the client realized that they had become very efficient at being inefficient. They were using various tools that were incompatible with one another, or did not even match their specific business needs.

During the research phase of this project, we noticed about 80% of their front desk admin’s time was spent manually organizing schedules using spreadsheets, checking e-mails to cross-reference and check client packages, and tracking and sending invoices. They had five different third-party integrations that helped them manage email campaigns, client profiles, marketing outreach programs, and internal finances.

Overall, Innovative Fitness needed a more unified way of conducting their business. This is where SaaSberry stepped in to provide a complete software solution that would consolidate all the third party features they needed.

To consolidate their business operations and help their company run more efficiently, our team at SaaSberry delivered two of the intended three solutions: one admin platform and one client-facing app. Due to Covid circumstances, the kiosk application was designed, but never implemented.

The all-in-one admin platform allows Innovative Fitness staff to manage clients, receive payments, schedule sessions and classes, track employee hours & wages, and see management dashboards, to name a few. The client-facing app enables Innovative Fitness clients to access their personal accounts, which helps them schedule personal training sessions and classes, view their invoices and update financial information, and enroll in company events.

By adopting this custom software solution, the client is able to manage their internal business operations without the need for third-party applications. The solutions we delivered helped the client save $639,000 in operational costs per year. Once launched, the platform showed tremendous success, yielding over 24,000 participants and 78,000 hours of virtual training in the first year. This translated into more than $1M in new revenue for the client.

This project was an immense success for both Innovative Fitness and SaaSberry alike. Our team delivered a product that helps Innovative Fitness reduce operational costs, increase revenue, and expand market share.


Innovative Fitness


Business Workflow


August 2018


Discovery, Design, Development, QA

Innovative Fitness Team

Market Share Expansion

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, all twelve locations were forced to shut down. This meant we had to iterate quickly so Innovative Fitness could continue servicing their clients. To solve this problem, the SaaSberry team introduced IF Direct, an on-line training platform designed specifically to accommodate the unique needs of coaches and clients.

Launching IF Direct enabled Innovative Fitness to keep training their clients safely. They were able to deliver business that wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the technology that SaaSberry implemented. Additionally, the new on-line training platform enabled our client to reach new market segments that were not available before.









IF One Client App

The client-facing app enables Innovative Fitness clients to access their personal accounts, which helps them schedule personal training sessions and classes, view their invoices, update financial information, and enroll in company events.

This on-line portal gives clients the control and visibility they need in order to supplement and enhance their experience with Innovative Fitness.

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