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Cannoli King Custom E-Commerce

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Like so many businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Cannoli King reached out to SaaSberry for a software solution when business restrictions halted their sales operations.

They needed a new, creative, disruptive solution to survive. Their business sales depended entirely on cashiers and tills at their brick & mortar and food truck locations. This is where our SaaSberry team stepped in to provide an innovative, online-based solution. A new infrastructure system was designed, coded and launched.

To help expand their business sales during and after the pandemic restrictions, SaaSberry designed, tested and launched an e-commerce website, implemented an online ordering solution, and linked it with a secure payment gateway. The successful transition to the virtual space facilitated increased business sales and significantly improved internal processes by employing task automation.

As a result of this venture, the Cannoli King was not only able to continue operating throughout the pandemic, but sales increased dramatically from what they were before. Online weekly earnings increased by 3,000% from May to March of 2020. There was also a 108% average increase in sales across all categories.

Customers are now able to place orders online, and our analytics show that the e-commerce platform encourages people to order more than what they came for.

Through online ordering, Cannoli King now has a payment solution in place and does not need to rely on customers being in front of the cash register to sell their baked goods.


Cannoli King


Custom E-Commerce Platform


May 2019


Discovery, Design, Development

Cannoli King Bakery

Increased Market Share

The newly integrated e-commerce platform enabled the Cannoli King team to continue conducting business as usual. They were able to expand to a second location and grow their revenue thanks to the new online ordering platform. This project saw an increase in online ordering from off-shore accounts, as customers no longer need to be in front of the cash register to purchase baked goods. The company also ‘re-gained’ clients who had moved away from Vancouver but started buying again once they had the option for delivery and online ordering.


E-Commerce Experience

The ability to handle payment internally without the need for an external vendor allows the Cannoli King team to fully customize the ordering experience for their customers. They can apply item discounts, easily arrange for order pickup or delivery, and even provide accurate pick-up timeframes for customers, based on the number and types of items in their order.

This integrated solution maintains brand consistency throughout the entire process, creating a seamless user experience.

e-commerce experience

Option for Delivery or Pickup

Custom order feature based on company business rules

Seamless Payment

Fully integrated, brand-consistent internal payment solution.