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About SaaSberry Innovation Labs

The biggest driver for starting the SaaSberry services division is to help companies handle growth and scale through software. Software should work for you rather than create obstacles for your business. We believe in tracking clear returns on investment through efficiencies, automation, and sales growth.

We build software for clients who want enterprise capability and scalability. These may be companies that have not found the right fit for the way their business works. From workflow automation to data management, let us help you disrupt and accelerate past your competition.

By carefully understanding your business, we tease out the complexities. We methodically analyze the gaps and issues. We use our decades of collective experience to apply the right mix of leading edge and practical technical solutions, build it into a well-architected solution, and deliver it to you.

Inspiration, innovation, and countless opportunities.

In 5 years, we would have scaled to multiple delivery pods, each excelling in delivering innovative technology in a relevant way. This matters because technology has to be applied in a way that maximizes its usefulness. In 10 years, we want to have a legacy of international clients who continue to know us as the company that always delivers the right solutions.

SaaSberry is built as remote first. As such, we have an open communication culture. We have a clear purpose every day. The leadership to achieve this level of connection through communication is the DNA of everybody in SaaSberry.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing customer success. We see the joy it brings our engineers when our software is used to deliver services far and wide. Every line of code can make a difference. Every pixel of image can make a difference.

Our Executive Team

Chris Cade


Chris is a Microsoft veteran and co-founder of SaaSberry Innovation Labs. Chris brings 20 years of high tech experience and knowledge to SaaSberry.

Steve Boey


Steve is our Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of SaaSberry Innovation Labs. He brings 20+ years of software engineering experience to the team.

Taha Yazdaniniaki

Manager of Software Services

Taha is our Manager of Software Development and brings 10+ years of experience facilitating cutting-edge engineering solutions.

Connect with us

We are a Canadian company based outside of Vancouver, Canada. Get in touch with us about your current or new projects! Our team is ready to help you disrupt.

Suite 301 - 220 Brew Street Port Moody, BC, V3H 0E5


Phone: (604) 644 - 4411