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SaaS (Software as a Service)

At SaaSberry, we not only build custom software tools but we can deliver them as a monthly subscription service. We give our clients the flexibility to subscribe to custom software with SaaSberry handling the day-to-day management. SaaSberry gives clients the competitive edge. Enterprises need to be technologically advanced but managing more and more complex IT systems can become a challenge.

Based on feedback from CIOs, we offer custom software as a service. We partner with Microsoft, the world’s largest cloud provider, giving our clients the assurance that they are hosted in the secure cloud.

SaaSberry Labs Services

Do you have a great idea?

SaaSberry is a team of veteran software builders, marketers and sales pro’s which repeat its proven process with every site we launch, turning that idea into a website which generates revenue. We leverage IP built under our SaaSberry engine which all our SAAS companies utilize. We have built our back-end service almost 100% inclusive on the Microsoft Cloud and it allows us to provide developers with bootstrap instructions on how to code, turning an idea into a SaaS site faster than one could do on their own. This service has not been offered to the development world until now. Think of it as a platform, a platform as a service for our SaaS founders.

Partner with us and increase your odds of success and shorten your time to market!

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MAKING Cloud Software SIMPLE

Time To Market

With our backend framework, reduce your deployment cycle time and get to market faster. Focus on your code and idea. We'll take care of the rest. Accelerate your vision and make your dream ideas a reality.

Reduce Complexity

With our engine having Microsoft Azure, SQL PaaS, Identity, Mobility, HDInsight, Stream Analytics, Cognitive, Blob, Merchant Billing, API, Backup and Site recovery already set up, the complexity of launching a site is drastically reduced.


Our team manages the creation and delivery around social and brand awareness, affiliate and email marketing, logo creation, business and domain name registration. We build all the brand image, public relations, social feeds and graphic design. We manage all the SEO, Google and Bing ads, trade shows and webinars of every SaaS site we partner in.


Our sales team owns and delivers all demos, sales funnels, viral looping, CRM, contracts, subscriptions, quotas and targets. With decades worth of experience and leveraging machine learning and AI, we do the heavy lifting intelligently.


With our Legal and Accounting teams, we manage all billing, invoicing, credit card transactions, copyrighting, patent, incorporating and financing needs.


Our customers must trust that they will receive the constant, professional and hands-on support they need. Generating this trust requires that the Customer Support team be transparent and always available. We handle all the FAQs, email inquiries, BOTs, call center and telephone support.