What We've Delivered


Custom Enterprise ChatBot

When one of the world's largest mines explained the idea of leveraging their on-premise Skype to drive software upgrades, we quickly jumped at the opportunity to help!

The concept went from an idea to an advanced artificial intelligence ChatBot over a short period of time. Evolving from it's initial concept of a basic QA bot, our architects iterated this built to a fully automated “Mascot”. The final product integrates with Microsoft Azure, Active directory, MS Bot Framework and the client's own SCCM. The Bot syncs with the client's SCCM system, leading their employees through their upgrade process. The Bot’s huge success has lead to discussions on expanded roles from desk tasks, communications, investor relations to human resources. If you don’t use a bot in your company, let us help you leverage AI now!!!!

Navistar/International Trucks

As an organization that spanned the globe, Navistar had a major challenge managing the marketing needs of their hundreds of dealers. Their parts and services group needed a way to meet their individual dealer needs, while still balancing the interests of their suppliers and the corporate marketing direction.

We built a web-based application that allowed dealers to quickly build their bi-monthly flyer, yet allowed Navistar headquarters to manage and vet content and ad options. A flyer could literally go from customization to print-ready in minutes, capabilities that dealers spanning the globe appreciated.


BOCBuild is compliance and project management software built for a multi-dealer national-based construction company. This web application has 7 modules that range from a job estimation wizard, management-dealer project compliance and digital asset management to automated & active customer communication. This application has allowed the headquarters to monitor project progress and compliance across multiple regions and time zones.

Whitewater Concrete

As one of the largest crane and commercial concrete operations in Western Canada, Whitewater needed a new approach to their web presence. They wanted to engage their internal staff to drive content. As a result, we created multiple web application modules which allowed employees, based on their roles, to push content and updates.

Boréal Pet Foods

Boréal is a manufacturer of high quality pet food with over 20 years in Canada. This project provided Boréal a new platform to promote their brand and bring awareness to the quality of their products. In addition to the SEO friendly aspects, this site leveraged geolocation capabilities to allow easy store locator and cross-promotions.

Port Moody Oldtimers Association

This renowned member-based hockey league required a solution that closely integrated accurate live scores, stats and membership management. A unique feature of this league is the spare management system that allows non-member players to grab available spots on a weekly basis. Based on machine learning and automation, it allows accurate and fast matching of spares to available spots by actively reaching out to them when vacancies become available. This freed up time and resources for this volunteer-based organization and allowed for smooth operations on a daily basis.

InsideEdge Hockey

InsideEdge Hockey Training is one of the largest minor hockey training companies in Western Canada. In addition to operating hockey schools, they run multiple tournaments in many locations in the region. We created a customized e-commerce solution for them that greatly reduced their transactional and operational cost while automating many of their administrative tasks.


Hickory Dickory Decks is a national decking supply company based in Ontario. They needed a very quick and intuitive way for customers to view their local deck builders. We created a geo-locating service based on a unique multi-source approach.