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Affiliate program-Referral program

If you are a trusted consultancy, an individual consultant or a marketing agency, you may need software development services for your customers apart from the services you directly provide. We understand that software development is not your priority, so we are ready to take on this task and equip your clients with software tailored to their industry specifics and business needs.

If you are a sales agent, you can help us hunt for new IT consulting and custom software development opportunities. All you need is to provide us with relevant leads and we’ll reward your efforts according to our Referral Program.

Join the SaaSberry Referral Program for IT consulting and software development services and get rewarded for the leads you bring us. We are open to expanding our business network and obtaining new IT consulting and software development challenges.

Building on strong partnerships within industries including mining, oil/gas, retail, gaming, and entertainment, results in new beneficial long-term business relationships for our partners and us. At SaaSberry, we believe that doing business with partners is an effective way to reach out to the customers, meet their expectations and win their trust.

SaaSberry Labs Affiliate Program

What We Do

SaaSberry Labs Consulting

With SaaSberry, our approach has three phases

  1. Envision Plan
  2. Build Deploy
  3. Operate Optimize

We begin by showing customers the art of the possible. Customers may not understand the capabilities of how advanced technology has become. During the first phase, we evaluate how much data they have and identify potential efficiencies from automation.

For larger opportunities, we have one of our business analysts create a detailed business case, explaining the return the business would have on its investment. Once the project is defined, we use the SaaSberry engine built in the Microsoft Cloud to develop and deliver.

We do not just engage in a consulting project. We build it, host it, manage it and support it. We do not bill for our project like traditional consulting companies. We sign 3 to 5 year contracts and bill our clients for a service they subscribe to monthly!

Do you have a great idea?

SaaSberry is a team of veteran software builders, marketers and sales professionals using a proven process with every site we launch, turning ideas into websites that generate revenue. We leverage IP built under the SaaSberry engine that all our SaaS companies utilize.

We have built our back-end service almost 100% inclusive on the Microsoft Cloud and it allows us to provide developers with bootstrap instructions on how to code; turning an idea into a SaaS site faster than anyone could do on their own. This service has not been offered to the development world until now. Think of it as a platform, a platform as a service for our SaaS founders.

Partner with us and increase your odds of success and shorten your time to market!

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