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Chris Cade

Chris Cade


Owning various successful companies in real estate, Chris Cade has spent the past 25 years building business revenue for some of the world’s largest software and consulting companies. With numerous overachievement and president club awards, Chris spent his last 6 years in the corporate world at Microsoft as an executive in the services division, focusing on artificial intelligence and augmented realty. His dream is to build a network of new entrepreneurs globally and is the driving force behind SaaSberry’s vision. Chris is an active member of the Microsoft Alumni and leverages his relationships across the globe.

Steve Boey


CTO Steve Boey is a developer and cloud strategist with 20+ years of experience specializing in transformation and integration. Even before his time at Simon Fraser University, Steve’s passion was coding and building. These days, he uses open source frameworks as well as cloud services including cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), business intelligence and ML/AI solutions.

Darren Godfrey

Principal Architect

Darren Godfrey is a developer with 20+ years of software development and technical knowledge about security, storage, data management and network service delivery. In the last few years, he has specialized in the complexities of information technology and the need for a top-down approach to managing and sharing data and processes using multiple software stacks.

Leah Plaxton

Chief of Staff

Leah brings over 18 years of software organization background to SaaSberry. From building and optimizing data for one of the world’s largest publication corporations to integration testing and team management, her multi-faceted skills makes her the most diverse member of SaaSberry. She keeps SaaSberry organized and is the straw that stirs the drink.

Jignesh Patel

Lead Developer

Described as a 'commandant of the technical stack,' Jignesh brings a disciplined approach to product development. He uses his leadership ability to bring the team together to execute clients' needs. JP is a full stack developer with over 10 years of experience from building enterprise tools to e-commerce implementations.

Sahad Dodiya


Sahad wields his expertise in cloud computing to conquer bleeding edge problems and brings a fresh perspective to the Saasberry family. He specializes in iterating big ideas quickly to market in his structured but flexible approach to developing. From SAP to e-commerce, his wide and diverse skillset helps SaaSberry bring value to our customers.

Pooja Mutadak


Pooja is a passionate developer with 7 years of full stack experience with enterprise, retail and security applications. She quickly learns and implements new coding patterns while keeping customer satisfaction as her main priority. When not coding, Pooja is often found outdoors hiking with her family.

Irem Ozekes

UX/UI Specialist

Irem knows user experience. She helps define a project's path to success one pixel at a time. Her vision and ability to make a user's journey through a web interface a good and memorable one is what sets her apart.

Lee Baker

Data Scientist

Lee Baker is an award-winning software creator with a passion for turning data into a story. Physicist, statistician and programmer, child of the flower-power psychedelic ‘60s, it’s amazing he turned out so normal! Lee is our resident data wizard, the Merlin of data science.

Ali Morsh

IT Pro

Ali tames the cloud beast at SaaSberry. From operations to systems, he keeps things humming along with a steady hand.

Chris Ansell

Creative Marketing Consultant

Chris brings over 18 years of strategic consulting, with a deep understanding of the creation of online gaming and the digital world of branding. He is experienced and focused in identifying business challenges and finding solutions to achieve the end business goals more efficiently. Chris works with SaaSberry’s business clients, identifying how technology can directly disrupt traditional methods of process, with the goal of reducing operational costs and customer churn and increasing customer profits.

Victoria Kuleshova

AI Consultant

Victoria has spent the past decade advancing the technology industry in Europe by comprehensively focusing on Machine Learning, Data Science and Natural Language Processing. Victoria Kuleshova is a graduate of the National Academy of Telecommunications in Odessa, where she’s currently completing her PhD studies. She holds a master’s degree in Information Technology and an MA in Business Management. As Chief Information Officer, Victoria shows SaaSberry’s clients how machine learning can help drive change and efficiencies.

MAKING Cloud Software SIMPLE

Time To Market

With our backend framework, reduce your deployment cycle time and get to market faster. Focus on your code and idea. We'll take care of the rest. Accelerate your vision and make your dream ideas a reality.

Reduce Complexity

With our engine having Microsoft Azure, SQL PaaS, Identity, Mobility, HDInsight, Stream Analytics, Cognitive, Blob, Merchant Billing, API, Backup and Site recovery already set up, the complexity of launching a site is drastically reduced.


Our team manages the creation and delivery around social and brand awareness, affiliate and email marketing, logo creation, business and domain name registration. We build all the brand image, public relations, social feeds and graphic design. We manage all the SEO, Google and Bing ads, trade shows and webinars of every SaaS site we partner in.


Our sales team owns and delivers all demos, sales funnels, viral looping, CRM, contracts, subscriptions, quotas and targets. With decades worth of experience and leveraging machine learning and AI, we do the heavy lifting intelligently.


With our Legal and Accounting teams, we manage all billing, invoicing, credit card transactions, copyrighting, patent, incorporating and financing needs.


Our customers must trust that they will receive the constant, professional and hands-on support they need. Generating this trust requires that the Customer Support team be transparent and always available. We handle all the FAQs, email inquiries, BOTs, call center and telephone support.